NOUN Staff on digital marketing

digital marketing

Senior staff of the National Open University of Nigeria Kaduna have undergone a one-day training workshop on online digital marketing by the Google network.

The training, which was held at the Centre for Human Resources Development (CHRD), involved the staff of the centre, Kaduna Study Centre and the Nigerian Air Force Base Special Study Centre.

 Mr Leslie Babangida Dongh, a training officer from Converge Media, one of the six partners chosen by Google for the training, said in an interaction with the NOUN News that “in 2016 Google decided to train one million Nigerians as well as the people of the continent of Africa on digital skills.”

The essence, according to Google, was to make people learn how to use the web much by building an online presence, thereby tapping from the opportunities that are available.

“By March 2017, the targeted one million have been achieved. Thereafter, the Google network decided to go ahead with the training of as many people as possible, and today the training has translated into various success stories.

“We have a number of people who undergone this training and applied it into perspective and are quite doing very well in their various areas of specialisation.”

Furthermore, he said, Google hopes that if the training is properly utilised and put into practice, economy and businesses can enjoy maximum returns on investment in their digital marketing campaigns.

 There was recently a training workshop where the congregation of northern universities, Centre for Entrepreneurship Studies converged together in Kaduna, where Google had a slot.

Rising from that meeting, the Director, Centre for Human Resource Development, Professor Grace E. Jokthan, felt this training should be brought into NOUN. It was at this backdrop, “we choose to work with NOUN to train its staff and embrace strategies,” he said.

 Dongh hoped other centres would leverage on this training, which is capable of transforming individuals, businesses, institutions and the nation as a whole.

Ealier, Jokthan, who declared the training open, had said in her speech that her centre “wants to reach people and create access. For that, we are looking for any available means of trying to get people to be educated and also to build the capacity of people to better engage in their activities. One of the means of reaching business people is online through the digital process.”

At the workshop, three papers were presented, which were, “The Online Opportunity”, and “How to Build an Online presence”, “Job Opportunity in Digital Marketing,” which were all presented by Mr Dongh.

Those that witnessed the training included Jokthan, Dr Nuhu Lawrence Garba, Director, Kaduna Study Centre, and Mrs. Ada N. Onuba, Deputy Director, DIRD.





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