How ICT staff exposed Open University of Sudan to e-exams techniques …As UNISA is set to follow suit

eexams sudan

Director of the Information and Communication Technology directorate, Dr Madu Galadima and one of his staff, Buhari Alhassan, have facilitated an international workshop on the deployment of e-exam technique at the Open University of Sudan in Khartoum, Sudan.

The workshop was jointly organised by the National Open University of Nigeria and the Open University of Sudan (OUS) in compliance with the African Council for Distance Education (ACDE) programme on collaboration among member institutions.

The workshop, with the theme: “Workshop on e-exam Deployment in OUS”, which lasted for five days, particularly aimed at imparting the selected university staff with the knowledge of how to operate e-exam in their system.

Galadima, alongside his staff, treated topics such as: Hardware Infrastructure and Server Cloning, Thin Client Systems and Network Configuration, Installation and Configuration of Ubuntu and Moodle.

In an interview with NOUN News, the director said the training would impact the OUS in many ways, explaining that the training was held in two sessions: the theoretical session and the practical session, with participants made to put the knowledge into practice before the end of the programme.

He said the OUS participants were very happy with the training as they showed keen interest in all the training sessions. “They were also able to set up their own server based on the knowledge they received.”

According to Galadima, in training the OUS on e-exam, he and his team were able to propagate the positive image of NOUN internationally and “that is a very big plus to NOUN.

“It may interest you to note that among all the member institutions of the ACDE, NOUN is the only institution that was able to conduct, successfully, e-exam and to provide effective technical support during the exams. So as a result of that, the image of the university is highly enhanced.''

He revealed that because of the ICT's experience and knowledge in the deployment of e-exams, other member institutions of ACDE including University of South Africa (UNISA) are interested in doing e-exam.

Since these universities have no knowledge and experience in e-exam, NOUN is taking the lead in the African region, he added.

He said Open University of Sudan happens to be one of the member institutions of ACDE to benefit from this kind of training on e-exam from NOUN.





An international workshop on the introduction of electronic exam techniques is needed. It is aimed at gaining knowledge about the correct conduct of electronic exams. Theoretical and practical training for the participants was informative, and this is a big plus.



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