In-house training: CHRD staff reminded of work ethics

training: CHRD staff

Staff of the Centre for Human Resource development (CHRD) have been reminded of their work's demands and ethics to reinvigorate their zeal for utmost results and realisation of targeted goals.

At a one-day in-house training workshop for the staff of Skills Acquisition Unit of the centre, CHRD director, Prof Grace Jokthan said the workshop became necessary to stimulate the staff in their individual tasks.

The training workshop was aimed at exposing staff of the unit towards effective productivity, since the unit has the business entity status, she said.

Jokthan said the unit is critical to the delivery of the centre's mandate by the university.

“It may be referred to as in-house training workshop, but as we can see from the resource persons invited, it is a very serious training workshop for the skills acquisition unit as well for the Centre for Human Resource Development as a whole.

“The Centre for Human Resource Development is a revenue generating component of the university and therefore, to us it is not business as usual, it is not coming to office at the time we like and leaving at the time we want or even coming when we are expected at 8:30 and leaving at 4pm. For a business entity, we go beyond the bound of duty to do whatever is required to deliver on our responsibilities,” Jokthan said.

Other units of the university, she added, can afford to come work and go at closing time because the university will fund all that they required, “but I am sure you know as a business entity at the end of the day, if the centre does not declare some revenue to the university, we have not made our mandate. For that we will go beyond the bounds of our duty to see that we achieve the ultimate goal of generating huge revenue to the university.”

She frowned at the situation where by the university will challenge the centre for failure to deliver after the huge investment in the skills acquisition unit.

The other two components making up the centre are the NOUNCIL and the Human Resource Development Unit.

In her response, the head of the unit, Mrs Docas Dodo, appreciated the efforts of the centre and the university as a whole by given them the opportunity of acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to bring the best out of them.

Dodo also reassured the authority that her staff were motivated enough to take the centre to the promised land.

The workshop saw three papers presented on the “Relationship Management”, “Work Ethics” and “Motivation; A Tool for Effective Productivity.”





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