Dutse emirate promises advocacy for NOUN

Dutse emirate in Jigawa state has pledged to champion advocacy for the National Open University of Nigeria in the state.

Dutse emirate in Jigawa state has pledged to champion advocacy for the National Open University of Nigeria in the state.

This followed a visit to the emirate by a team led by the acting director, Dutse study centre, Mr. Abdullah Musa Ya ‘u.

The team, upon their arrival at the palace, was received by the Galadiman Dutse, Alhaji Bashir Sanusi.

The acting director appealed to the emirate to assist the university by persuading the state government to provide a complete building, which will serve as a permanent site for the study centre.

Responding, the Galadiman Dutse, Alhaji Bashir Sanusi, promised to do all he can to see that the demands of the centre are actualised.

He appreciated the centre for making them relevant and having faith in them that they can do something on the issue.

 "Moreover, we shall make the people of Jigawa State aware of the existence and importance of the university in the state,” he said.

Shortly after the visit, NOUN news spoke to the acting director in Dutse, where she shed more light about the essence of the visit.

My Ya'u said the aim of the visit was to create more awareness on the existence of the university and its opportunities.


He said it was also meant to ensure that grey areas are cleared on the negative perception of people with regards to the National Open University of Nigeria.





He who laughs last laughs best. Finally, finally ,the dream of law graduates from National Open University of Nigeria to become lawyers has at long last become reality with the bill amended the Act being assented to by President Buhari on Friday 7th of December,2018.With this amendment, all discriminations being hitherto meted out to NOUN graduates generally and Its Law graduates are now eliminated. All NOUN graduates under 30years are henceforth eligible to participate in the NYSC while the Law graduates of this University are equally eminently eligible for admission into the Nigerian Law School where after being successful in the bar examination will be called to the bar. As it is said in law, Ubi jus ibi remedium.Where there is a right, there is a remedy. Statutory remedy has come in the way of all NOUN students as their ambition to attain quality University education has come to stay with previous barrier being removed. Once again, congratulations!

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